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Online poker is the game of poker played on the web or the internet. It is because of online poker, online casino’s popularity has been increased among gamblers around the world. For many online pokers is a game of entertainment, while for some it is a sport. For a Poker indonesia, they will have a certain knowledge of the game. Similar to a sports agent, poker agents also have to find talent, develop it and manage it in the most operative, effective and profitable way.

poker indonesia

Poker Hands

       There are certain rules to play online poker games which many players are not aware of. The rules followed to make a five playing cards set is known as poker hands. These hands have ranks that are assessed against other hand ranks that determines the winner. In poker games such as Texas Hold ‘em, hands with highest rank will always wins, and in games such as razz, hands with lowest ranks will win the game. In contrast to them, in high and low split poker games, hands with highest and lowest ranks will win.

       From highest to lowest ranks, these poker hands are explained in short. In Texas Hold ‘em, the best possible hand is the combination of all cards with same suit of ten, jack, queen, king, and ace, is considered as Royal Flush. A same suit of five cards in sequential order is a Straight Flush. Four of a Kind is referred as when any four cards matches numerically. When the combination of cards are of three of same kind and a pair in the same hand is called as a Full House. If all the five cards are in same suit, no matter what the order is, Flush.  Any sequential order and any suit of five cards is called Straight. Three cards with same number and any suit is called Three of a Kind. Two different matching cards in same hand of any suit is called as Two Pair. Two matching cards in any suit is called One Pair. The High Card is referred as when a set with an ace with highest card and two low value cards.

Poker Agents

Agen Poker offers various useful advises to online poker players and shows interest in the players winning the poker game. For players who wants to play poker tournaments, they can give valuable advice in scheduling tournaments. They help players to balance both professional and personal commitments to sustain their performance and publicity.