OUR BUSINESS   |   Infrastructure Division

Our Infrastructure Division provides a comprehensive infrastructure installation and construction as well as other services such as retainer for mineral processing plant construction as well as project management for industrial estate and processing plant construction. Currently, our division have an agreement with government and overseas partner to establish an industrial area for mineral plant processing.

Our industrial estate as well as mineral processing plant is currently being developed in Central Sulawesi provice of Indonesia, it will include railroad, ports, high-power electric supplies and other facilities. We are fully concern with sound environmental practices – ISO 14001 certification and Zero-Discharge Waste Management principles, including water recycling. We reserve land for green spaces not just for human appreciation, but for the good of wild plants and animals. A complete service is offered to suit all types of infrastructure and construction operations, including:


  • Construction planning & scheduling
  • Erection supervision
  • Coordination with engineering & procurement
  • Construction tool and equipment control and supervision
  • Safety and security control
  • Site facilities
  • Subcontractor management
  • Site administration & effective labor control
  • Quality Assurance & Quality control
  • Site and Project procurement
  • Warehouse and material control & administration
  • Commissioning services and mechanical acceptance


  • Steel Structures
  • Storage Tanks
  • Electrical & Mechanical Installation
  • Heavy Liftings, Earthmoving & Ground Work
  • Refractory and Insulation
  • Painting & Coating
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Civil Works
  • Static & Rotary Equipment
  • Instrument Installation
  • Piping & Ducting
  • Stress Relieve
  • Hot & Cold Insulation
  • Testing, Commissioning & Acceptance


Through the vendor’s participation, we can offer the following :

  • Operating procedures and manual
  • Equipment trial & performance testing
  • Fault finding and remedy action
  • Performance guarantees
  • Technical Manpower assistance to commissioning activities


Our Infrastructure Division is maintaining a pool of construction equipment such as cranes, genset, truck trailers, excavator, welding machine, compressors, winch etc., to support the on-going project. Therefore, enables us to mobilise supply and maintain such equipment efficiently even in critical times. Moreover, MustangCorps provides a range of heavy equipment for usage with our clients and construction companies.


Procurement services can provide the following services to obtain competitive price, firm delivery, clear specification and high quality products and services :

  • Domestic & overseas purchasing
  • Managing procurement contracts with domestic, foreign suppliers, vendors and subcontractors
  • Retainer for mineral processing plant construction
  • Project management for industrial estate and processing plant construction
  • Royalty calculation and Benchmark price
  • Packing, shipping, warehousing, inland transportation to site including clearing and forwarding
  • Insurance, claim handling
  • Road permit, import permit, re-export permit etc
  • Inspection & expediting
  • Regional tax and export duty