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Vision To be a dynamic business group, building robust businesses that excel at serving their customers and stakeholders through exceptional products and services in industries and markets that support progression and economic growth at community, society and country level.

  • To create continuous value for our customers, inspiring confidence and respect through the highest levels of product quality and service.
  • To provide employees a work environment that's enabling and inclusive and where innovation and entrepreneurship are a way of life and where people work in an ethical and safe business, based on the principal merit and equal opportunity.

Core Values
  • Team Work
  • Integrity
  • Personal Excellence


Mustang Corps was established in 2009 with mining and contractor service and gradually entered into other sectors. The Group has a success story spread over decades, expanding its horizon from mining, construction, infrastructure, property and media to consulting. Today, the Group is engaged in mining, plantation, media and consulting. Remaining true to its founding principle of striving for excellence, the Group combined the vision of an entrepreneur, the knowledge of experts, the commitment and business expertise of three generations to develop its core strengths, vision and mission. With the commitment and effort of its employees, professional management and vision of its sponsors, the Group has achieved the standing of being the most progressive and fast growing business group in Indonesia.The Group has made exceptional progress in the last decade and diversified into palm oil plantation. The Group's future plans and growth matrix are strategically designed for further portfolio diversification in the plantation sector, focusing on palm oil, in East Indonesia.